About the game and why I'm making it.

Back in high school I started writing a manuscript for a sci-fi universe. I wrote characters, planets, societies, materials and even creatures, and since then I simply haven't stopped. Eventually a friend gave me the idea to turn this universe into a tabletop RPG, and over time that idea seemed better and better.

And so I began my journey, started writing a guidebook, using Dungeons & Dragons as inspiration in many ways. My eventual goal is to surpass D&D in terms of how much content I have, and hopefully give a similarly wonderful experience!



What will the future hold for Havoc?

As I said previously, my intention is to eventually surpass D&D in terms of content. You will find links to my content somewhere on this website, where you may read each of the books for free! I will continue to write this RPG for a very long time, and I hope I can make it into something that truly matters.


Enjoy my content and have a wonderful adventure!



My plan for the near future

My guidebook is going to be available for download here on this website, along with my item list, my racial history book and whatever I come up with in the future.